To launch or not to launch

I once had a job where part of my role was to run workshops. One of the topics was: ‘extending your comfort zone’. I remember the illustration in the manual was of a puny young man standing alone in a bar sweating into his beer while surrounded by a crowd of large hairy bikers. The secret, as we all know is to just get on with it, despite feelings of doubt, fear, inadequacy or any other emotion which tries to knock you off course. I have been procrastinating for months around this website. There really is no excuse now, Christmas and New Year have been and gone, my daughter’s twins are now born and happily growing at home. the days are still short etc, etc. Today I realised that this has now turned into a ‘comfort zone’ challenge which involves putting my website and my work out there despite all the feelings listed above…… So here goes…..

Organising time

For months now I have been telling people that I am currently working on my website and it should soon be ready. I have been having some help from a young man called Luke who will go far in life. I leave the lesson inspired, motivated and determined to work on the site that night while all the new instructions are fresh and I can understand the scrawled notes in my book. I then get home, go to yoga, make supper, eat supper, feel tired and suddenly the week is over and I haven’t opened my computer. I don’t understand this lack of motivation as once I am looking at the website, fitting pictures into templates, writing text, remembering the process of painting particular pictures and of travels and walks that inspired me I feel so happy, hopeful and quite motivated…..

Early thoughts

'So look, see the days 

The endless coloured ways 

And go play the game that you learned 

From the morning'  

Nick Drake - From the Morning - Pink Moon 1972